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More Home Marketing Tips

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Your Realtor should provide you with promotional brochures to display in your home. Have them visible for prospects to pick up and take along. Be sure to let your Realtor know if you are running out of brochure sheets.

It is a good idea for you, as the seller, to leave your home while the Realtor is showing it, allowing prospects to look at the home more freely instead of trying to carry on a conversation with you. They may enjoy meeting you—but they won’t remember a thing about your home!

Do not leave a barking dog in the laundry room. It is rare for someone to be relaxed enough to enjoy your home with a disturbing animal in the adjoining room.

Leave the lights on and the A/C cooling system (in the summer) a few degrees cooler than normal.

Open all the drapes to allow the sunlight to shine in the home. This is especially important in older homes that are dark and it helps to impress the prospect if the home has a nice view.

If possible, have soft music playing in your home.

Hide work things and put out play things. (Golf clubs and tennis rackets instead of a lawn mower.)

When a Realtor calls to show the home, let him know that the front door will be open, lights will be on and that you will vacate for the showing.

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